Complete Google Classroom Course: Teaching Google Classroom

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Complete Google Classroom Course: Teaching Google Classroom, Mastering the Art of Teaching with Google Classroom – Teaching Online with Google Classroom – Google Certified Educator.

Complete Google Classroom Course: Teaching Google Classroom:

Mastering the Art of Teaching with Google Classroom – Teaching Online with Google Classroom – Google Certified Educator

Course Updates:

  • How to record your screen in a video
  • Three videos on the new Google Classroom update, including how to set up the environment, invite students by URL, and return work with one click
  • A lecture on using Google Docs and Math Type to do math in Google Classroom
  • Tips for keeping your devices secure
  • A comprehensive guide to creating and managing strong passwords
  • A guide to designing test papers in Google Docs
  • Information on the disappearance of the “Share to Classroom” feature and how to adapt
  • Strategies for going offline and accessing Google Classroom even without an internet connection
  • An overview of the new Google Meet interface
  • Information on using the Case Changer extension for formatting purposes

Enhance Your Teaching with Google Classroom: A Comprehensive Course for Education Professionals

Are you in the digital education industry and looking to take your teaching to the next level? Google Classroom is a powerful, free tool that can help you engage students, manage assignments, and streamline communication, whether you’re teaching in person or online.

As part of the Google suite of education services, Google Classroom is easy to use and brings a new level of interactivity and efficiency to the classroom. In this course, we will cover everything you need to know to use Google Classroom effectively, from setting up the app to managing it efficiently and engaging students in class or online.

Security is also a top priority, and we will provide guidance on creating strong passwords and keeping them secure with LastPass, as well as best practices for protecting your data and devices. Plus, expert presenter TJ Walker will share tips on how to look and sound your best on camera, including advice on speaking and makeup.

Join us now and take your teaching to the next level with Google Classroom!

TJ Walker will help you to look and sound your best in your class and on camera. TJ will guide you through every step of the process. As a teacher, our job involves presenting, so it’s important to learn how to do it effectively and with confidence. Don’t worry if you’re concerned about your appearance – we will provide comprehensive explanations and tips for speaking and makeup to help you succeed. Join us now!

  • By taking this Google Classroom teaching course you will be able to:

    • Learn to create a verified Google Account for the Google Classroom teaching service
    • How to make your class set up and where to start
    • Making students invitation and motivating them to join
    • Managing students post on stream easily
    • Creating quizzes more professional to give students classwork
    • Question creating is a simple version of a quiz
    • Learn how to grade students grade better
    • Reuse old posts from previous classes
    • Use Google Classroom on both web and mobile platforms
    • Optimize your classroom settings for maximum efficiency
    • Install Chrome extensions to enhance student experiences
    • Use Google Calendar to schedule and organize your classes
    • Utilize Google Meet to create and schedule meetings, even with a slower internet connection
    • Adjust the settings in Google Meet to ensure smooth and successful live meetings
    • How to create a paper test using the table technique
    • The importance of having strong passwords to keep your data and devices secure
    • Tips for looking and sounding your best on camera for your class
    • Strategies for troubleshooting technical issues and much more…

What are students saying about Jan Ekhteyari?

“A wonderful and excellent course. Thank you for the efforts made and the valuable information. I wish you more progress for the better.” Noor Abdulameer

“It was really a good match for me. I managed to move with your pace and the most interesting part was adding personal bitmoji and flubarroo for performance assessment.”  Mataruse Ratidzo

“Very good and explanatory course. Thanks” Khawaja Raheel

“Long, but it was informative.” Albert Lathlin

“Wow!!! it was such insightful training. I have learned so much. thanks to my teachers especially JT Walter. God bless you all.” TITILAYO ONUKWU

“It’s informative and good for new learners.” Kanwal Atif

“Well, it looks like I’m about to learn something new. Google is Great I love it.” Ali Bostan

“Really informative. Gain good knowledge. Thanks, both of you for such a wonderful course. Thank You” Manoj Ashok Mechkul

“Excellent session and helpful to the learner to know and use the tools available” Dr. Rajendra Chunilal Patil

“Excellent course. It will very helpful in creating my Google classroom” Sudhar Kani A

“Es muy interesante, aunque esta parte es aún básica, espero poder avanzar pronto y sorprenderme con el material.”  Johnny Guerrero Buchelli

“Yes…I am conducting online classes using google classroom only… Funds this course pretty useful” Prasanna Palsodkar

Don’t wait any longer! Enroll in this course now and start making new, valuable experiences with your students.

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