Building Flappy Bird & Ping Pong Games with Godot Engine

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Building Flappy Bird & Ping Pong Games with Godot Engine, Learn how to build flappy bird clone & ping pong games using Godot Engine & GDscript.

Welcome to Building Flappy Bird & Ping Pong Games with Godot Engine course. This is basically an extensive project based course where you will be guided step by step on how to build a dynamic action survival game from scratch using Godot Engine and potentially build a sustainable passive income from selling the game on online Marketplaces. This course will teach you on how to build and design games without having to know extensive programming skill as Godot Engine has a visual scripting feature that allows you to drag and drop objects. In the introduction session, you will learn the basic fundamentals of Godot Engine, technologies used behind it, and its main use cases, then continue with a full step by step tutorial on how to install Godot Engine, tutorial to navigate its dashboard, as well as exploring all features available on that platform. Afterward, you will also be shown a couple examples of games created using Godot Engine and going over all potential game ideas to build. To make the learning experience even more complete, this course also comes with a project where you will be guided step by step on how to build an action survival theme game from scratch using Godot Engine. Once the game has been built, we will be conducting testing to make sure that all features have been fully functioning and most essentially the game has a friendly user interface from the player perspectives. In the testing session, there will be three main objectives that need to be tested, those are functional testing, performance testing, and user experience testing. Lastly, at the end of the course you will also learn effective marketing strategies that you can implement to reach more potential audiences to play your game as well as get to know several marketplace to sell your games like Itch IO and Steam.

First of all, before getting into the course, we need to ask ourselves this question. Why should we learn building games using Godot? Well, the answer might be pretty obvious to some people, this is one of the best platform that you can utilise to build and design game without having very advances programming skills, other than that, there are still many other reasons why, Godot Engine has been well known to offer a comprehensive set of game creation tools, including a visual scripting system, 3D modelling tools, terrain editors, and animation tools. Not only that, Godot also provides social features that allow users to connect, collaborate, and engage with other players and creators. Users can join communities, participate in events, share feedback, and form friendships within the platform’s social ecosystem. Last but not least, Godot supports multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, HTML5, and more. It provides a unified development environment that allows developers to create games that can run seamlessly on different operating systems and devices. Hence, when it comes to compatibility testing for the game that you build and design using Godot Engine, most likely it would pass without any issue

Below are things that you will learn from the course:

  • Learning basic fundamentals of Godot engine, getting to know technologies behind it, and its use cases
  • Exploring Godot dashboard & features
  • Learning basic GDscript code
  • Building & designing flappy bird clone game
  • Building & designing ping pong game
  • Learning game testing objectives: functional testing, user experience testing, and performance testing
  • Learning effective marketing strategies to promote your game
  • Getting to know marketplaces where game developers can sell their game
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