GitHub Copilot – The Complete Guide

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GitHub Copilot – The Complete Guide, Revolutionize your programming workflow with GitHub Copilot, your own AI-powered coding assistant!

Welcome to “GitHub Copilot – The Complete Guide”! This comprehensive course is designed to guide you through the ins and outs of GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered coding assistant that can revolutionize your programming workflow.

Topics covered inside the course:

  • What is GitHub Copilot and how you can use it
  • What are advantages of using GitHub Copilot
  • How to sign up and install it inside Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDE

Intermediate topics:

  • How to use GitHub Copilot chat for general questions and inside a software project
  • How to iterate prompts
  • Code generation
  • 4 ways to interact with Copilot inside Visual Studio Code

In this course you will also learn how to write HTML and CSS faster with GitHub Copilot

Advanced topics: Use JavaScript, Python of Java code examples:

  • Complex project: Password checker – prompt and iterate with Copilot
  • Setup Unit testing and generate complex tests with Copilot
  • Use GitHub Copilot for text generation: code description, commit messages

Course advantages:

  • Beyond the basics – after finish, you can directly use this knowledge into production code
  • Practical knowledge – presentations are kept to a minimum, we focus on what is really important
  • Logical and flexible structure – take the course at your own pace
  • Fast paced, concise, most typing cut out – focus on explanations – respect for your time
  • Big font, dark background, full HD content, this way it is readable even on a small screen or even tablet.
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion to present to your current or prospective employer
  • Q&A active instructor

Go beyond the theory and learn from an active instructor, aligned with today’s programming demands!

By the end of this course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of GitHub Copilot and how to use it to its full potential. Whether you’re a seasoned developer looking to speed up your workflow, or a beginner seeking to learn more about the latest tools in software development, this course has something for you.

Join me on this journey and start coding smarter, not harder, with GitHub Copilot!

GitHub Copilot – The Complete Guide
GitHub Copilot – The Complete Guide
Discount $9.99
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