Math Basics

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Math Basics, Basics related to Angles and Triangles.

In this course following topics of Lines and angles and Triangles are discussed

Lines and Angles Topics –

– What is a Line,

– What is a Line segment

– What is a Ray

– Different types of angles ( Acute angle, Obtuse angle, Reflex angle, Right angle and Straight angle ) and what are angles

– Complementary angles and Supplementary angles

– What are Adjacent angles and How to identify Adjacent angles

– What is a Linear pair and how to identify Linear pair angles

– Intersecting lines, What is point of intersection

– What are Collinear points and What are non collinear points

– Vertically opposite angles and What is a Transversal

– Types of Angles made by transversal

– What are Corresponding angles

– What is a Transversal of parallel lines and What are parallel lines

– How to identify alternate interior angles ( Shortcut method )

– Shortcut to find corresponding angles

– Important result related to interior angles

– Points related to parallel lines

Triangle Topics

– Introduction to Triangles

– What is Scalene Triangle

– What is an Isosceles Triangle

– What is an Equilateral Triangle

These topics are essential for geometry basics. Geometry is a vast topic in mathematics but this course is collection of some basics of geometry.  After this course completion , you would have sound knowledge of above mentioned topics . Feedbacks are welcomed.

Math Basics
Math Basics
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