Mastering Generative AI with LLMs: A Hugging Face Guide

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Mastering Generative AI with LLMs: A Hugging Face Guide, LLMs & Transformers: Dive into Hugging Face, Fine-tuning, Tokenization, and Datasets.

Welcome to “Mastering Generative AI with Large Language Models: A Hugging Face Guide”. In today’s AI-driven world, Large Language Models (LLMs) have revolutionized the realm of generative AI, enabling machines to generate human-like text, answer questions, and even author original content. This course is meticulously crafted to provide you with a deep understanding of these models and how to harness their power using the renowned Hugging Face platform.

Our journey begins with a robust introduction to the world of LLMs, deciphering their intricacies, and exploring the management of their compute requirements. From there, we transition into the Hugging Face universe, a pivotal platform offering an array of pre-trained models ready to be utilized in innovative applications.

But understanding the theory isn’t enough; practical knowledge is vital. This is why our second section delves deep into the workings of Transformers, one of the core components behind LLMs. Get hands-on with manipulating datasets, building your custom models, and understanding the art of tokenization.

Lastly, a special emphasis is laid on training and fine-tuning. Learn how to tailor LLMs to your specific needs, be it summarization or text generation. With techniques like Instruction Fine-tuning and PEFT, you’ll master the art of tweaking models to perfection. We will finish off the course by training a GPT-2 completely from scratch to generate text on our custom dataset.

Mastering Generative AI with LLMs: A Hugging Face Guide
Mastering Generative AI with LLMs: A Hugging Face Guide
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