Creating Cartoon Animation Film with AI

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Creating Cartoon Animation Film with AI, Learn how to create cartoon animation films using Leonardo AI, Runway ML, Eleven Labs, Adobe Express, and Veed IO.

Welcome to Creating Cartoon Animation Film with AI course. This is basically an extensive project based course where you will be guided step by step on how to create and edit short cartoon animation films from scratch utilising a combination of AI tools such as Runway ML and Leonardo AI for generating character and scene images, ChatGPT for generating film ideas, outlines, titles, and scripts, Big Speak AI for converting content script text to realistic human voice, Veed IO for editing the film, and Sketch Meta Demo Lab for animating the characters and the scenes in the cartoon film. In this course, you will realise that outsourcing the vast majority of work to AI tools will not only save a lot of your time and efforts but also it will totally change your perspective on the cartoon filmmaking process as the amount of work had to be done could be significantly reduced without lowering the quality of the film itself. In the introduction session, you will learn how AI tools can help you to create cartoon animation films as well as how to combine them all to get the best result possible. Then, continued by learning how to write effective ChatGPT prompts to use for generating film content ideas and outlines. Once you choose which idea and outline that you want to pick for your cartoon film, then you will learn step by step on how to start your first cartoon film project from scratch, firstly we will use ChatGPT to generate the cartoon content character, narration, and even conversation between characters. Afterward, those texts will be converted to super realistic human voices using AI tools like Big Speak A. Once you already have the narration and character voices, the next thing that you will learn is to utilise text to image generators like Leonardo AI and Runway ML to generate you character and scene images that you want. Obviously, when it comes to generating characters, you would need to generate the same character face for a variety of scenes and expressions, therefore, you will also learn specifically how to write the prompt for generating identical character faces in different scenes. Then, once all the characters have been created, you will learn how to use Meta Demo Lab to animate the characters where you can turn your creative ideas to cool cartoon animation. Once you have the voices and animated characters scenes, you will learn step by step on how to combine them together using Veed IO which is one of the best browser based editing software.

Beside the film creation, you are also going to learn other essential knowledge that you need to have as a cartoon filmmaker, in the next session, you will learn how to design interesting film thumbnail to attract curiosity of your potential audience, you will learn how to build and grow your audience on social media platforms like Tiktok and Youtube, as well as learning several different ways to monetise your cartoon film contents and potentially start your own cartoon film business as you start generating income from different sources.

Below are things that you are going to learn from this course:

  • Learning how to generate cartoon film ideas, titles, outlines, content scripts using ChatGPT
  • Learning how to use Leonardo AI text and Runway ML to generate cartoon character and scene images
  • Learning how to use Big Speak AI and Eleven Labs to convert content script to realistic human voice
  • Learning how to use Meta Demo Lab and Adobe Express to animate cartoon characters
  • Learning how to use edit the cartoon film using Veed IO
  • Learning several different ways to monetise cartoon contents
  • Learning several efficient strategies to build and grow audience
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