Goal Setting and Weight loss

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Goal Setting and Weight loss, Learn how to use the SMART Formula to set your weight loss goal.

During this course, you will learn just how to use the SMART Formula to set your weight loss goal.

Each episode has been broken down into a different element of the SMART Formula so you can work through it at your own pace as you put each step into place.

As you work through this course you will gain a greater understanding of the SMART formula and why it has been used for decades by businesses, teams and individuals to set and achieve goals in all areas of life.

Episode 1 will cover why it is important to set a specific weight loss goal at the start of your journey

Episode 2 will cover why having measurable steps in place to track and monitor your progress is vital to achieving success in any goal. This helps to give you regular feedback as to what is working or what you might need to change.

Episode 3 and setting an achievable weight loss goal is incredibly important  when starting out on a weight loss journey

Episode 4 and it is time to make the goal important and personal to you. This is the reason why you want to lose weight.

Episode 5 and the importance of adding a time frame to your goal. This is about putting positive pressure on yourself to take action.

Each element of this course is equally important. Think of each episode as adding a further tool into your toolbox to help you achieve the end result that you are after.

Once you have worked through this course then its time to put everything into practice.

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