Forest Garden Primer

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Forest Garden Primer, Find out about forest gardening.

If you’ve heard about forest gardening and would like to find out more, this short 20 minute class gives you a definition, why forest gardens are a good thing, particularly in a Climate Emergency, and a whole of load of resources.

Now more than ever, we need wildlife friendly, edible and perennial gardening, to connect people with their nature and to create resilient ecosystems. We also need native plants to form the bulk of the garden, so that there is food stuff for invertebrates, which creates a balance of predators for pest control.

I will give you three handy definitions, the five characteristic features of a forest garden, four immensely useful guidelines, five principles and an overview of the process of creating a forest garden

There is also half a dozen free resources for your delectation.

The class is divided into 6 parts:

  1. Forest garden definition
  2. Why forest gardening?
  3. What characterises a forest garden?
  4. Helpful guidelines
  5. Key principles
  6. Overview of creating a forest garden

There is also an extra section on the necessity of using native plants in a forest garden, why they’re so important and where to plant them. I am speaking from a UK perspective, and obviously your native plants will depend on where you are in the world!

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