How to DEVELOP puzzle GAMES with GODOT 4

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How to DEVELOP puzzle GAMES with GODOT 4, Using GDScript in Godot, you can create puzzle games of various types.

This course focuses on teaching students the process of developing video games, with an emphasis on utilizing the Godot game engine as the primary tool. Version 4 of Godot introduces an enhanced GDScript, which proves to be highly effective in coding both 2D and 3D games.

Initially, you will acquire knowledge about Godot, its download process, and how to commence utilizing it for video game development. The creation of the game scene and the utilization of GDScript will be among the primary aspects to grasp.

In the GDScript, you will acquire knowledge about print statements, for loops, while loops, and other crucial coding concepts. You will gain an understanding of how to incorporate a node through the utilization of the Godot IDE. Additionally, you will grasp the skill of adding various node types through coding. At the initial stage of node coding, you will primarily engage with a Label and Button node.

Once you grasp the concept of adding a button node, you will acquire the knowledge of making it interactive through the use of the connect function. By implementing a “connect”, you can establish basic interactivity that triggers when the button is pressed. This will serve as the foundation for creating a straightforward number guessing game in the future.

Following a 2D guessing game, you will be introduced to a 3D game environment, along with instructions on how to configure it using the Godot IDE and GDScript programming.

How to DEVELOP puzzle GAMES with GODOT 4
How to DEVELOP puzzle GAMES with GODOT 4
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