Competitive Multiplayer Game Development Course on Unity

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Competitive Multiplayer Game Development Course on Unity, How to create a simple multiplayer game project in unity.

After this course, you will be able to:

– Create a multiplayer project from ground up

– Set up the server for your project online

– Make use of Elympics matchmaking system

PART I – setting up the project

How to set up your own project? After first part of the course, it will be a piece of cake! Moreover, all the necessary assets you will be using in developing your project are here! Download them and let’s begin!

PART II – creating the player and movement

After setting up the project, it’s time to create a moving player character, that responds to your input and keeps it’s position consistent between the instances.

PART III – creating an attack

Now, with your character created, it’s time to arm yourself with combat skills. In this part, you will give the player the ability to attack, block and damage his opponent!

PART IV – spawning mines

How to develop more combat options? By spawning synchronized objects and giving the player an ability to spawn mines that will arm and explode on collision with a player!

PART V – adding effects and UI

Don’t forget about the art aspect of the game! In this part you’ll connect visual effects and UI to what’s happening in the game. You will connect the health bar to the synchronized HP value of the player, and give him a small particle effect, triggered by being damaged.

PART VI – creating a menu scene and building the project

To finish your project, you will create a menu scene, and hook it up to the matchmaking system provided by the Elympics plugin. Then you’ll learn how to create your project’s server and client builds.

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