Building a Full Stack Java Application

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Building a Full Stack Java Application, Create a real app from scratch.

Follow along with the course to create a full stack log viewer app – from beginning to end. The application utilizes Java in a variety of ways to build out a logging app: native Java to interface with the NoSQL database (GridDB), JDBC to interface with the db using SQL, Spring Boot to build out a REST API, and finally JSON Parsing & HTTP requests with Java. Lastly, outside of Java, there is also some react.js for the frontend to query the Spring Boot backend and to create our data tables of our logs.

The basic premise of the app is split up into three parts: the log agent, the log processor, and the log viewer. The log agent is responsible for monitoring the host machine for logs of the user’s choosing. When it finds new data, it saves the raw logs into GridDB (the database of choice). Then, the log processor scans the db and finds new rows of raw logs, processes the data into proper fields (set by the user) and re-saves them into the database into a new table. And finally, the log viewer queries the database. The log viewer is comprised of a backend (Spring Boot) REST API, and a frontend (react.js) to view the parsed log data.

The project is run on Docker so you will also learn about docker files and how to package your application into convenient containers.

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