Buttercream Floral Sunflower Cake

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Buttercream Floral Sunflower Cake, Piping a beautiful Sunflower cake! Discover the artist in you! – This course has to be enrolled by an adult.

In this easy step by step free video course you will learn how to make the perfect buttercream for flower piping and learn how to make a Sunflower cake that will leave friends and family amazed. This course is not only perfect for children and beginners that’s interested in cake decorating, professionals can learn a few tips too.

Have you ever admired those beautiful buttercream flower cakes, but think it is only for artists and professionals?

Well think again, because I have purposefully created a mini course, giving you all the tools, tricks and techniques to pipe a Sunflower cake that will make family and friends think you are most talented. You won’t need any special equipment like nozzles or piping nails, just some piping bags that you can get from the local baking shop, a few gel colors and buttercream.

I show you step by step how to make the most stable buttercream with only two ingredients for piping flowers and you will be amazed at how uncomplicated it is.

I tried to keep the course short and to the point and with the skills you’ll learn here, you might just discover a new found passion to explore buttercream flowers with my easy approach where I teach you everything you need to know  on how to create a Sunflower flower cake.

Sometimes training ends in disappointment as learners struggle to manage the piping of flowers after the course ended, but my aim is to simplify everything, from making the buttercream right through to piping the flowers to inspire you to explore the world of buttercream flowers. I taught children as well as my own daughter, Eden, who now at the age of 17 has her own thriving business… Eden Custom Cupcakes.

Try it out! You could discover the artist in yourself!

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