Complete Guide to Exercise For Beginners

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Complete Guide to Exercise For Beginners, The Foundation of Proper Weight Training For Beginners. Build Lean Muscle, Lose Body Fat, Increase Conditioning.

Are you new to fitness?

Do you want a professional personal trainer to design a workout plan for your level?

I have created the perfect workout for beginners to weight training so you can build lean muscle, reduce your body fat, and more! Here are the benefits you will receive immediately after taking this course

  1. Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  2. Reduce Body Fat
  3. Have a Leaner Waistline
  4. Reduce The Risk of Injury While Lifting Weights
  5. Lift Weights with Perfect Form
  6. Look Better in Your Clothes
  7. Feel More Energy
  8. Sleep Better
  9. Raise Your Resting Metabolism
  10. Have More Efficient Time in The Gym
    AND Much Much more….

This course is a complete guide to how to make the most effective 60 minute workout in the gym for beginners who want to build muscle.

The problem with most weight trainers who want to build muscle, is choosing foolish exercises. Even when the right exercises are chosen, I see 90% of all people performing the exercises with improper form, and this leads to injury. You will cause pain, and inflammation to your body, and create poor posture, and imbalances.

By Following my Complete Guide to Exercise for Beginners, I teach you to build muscle the simplest and easiest way. You don’t need to pay for expensive personal trainers. Or buy costly supplements. Or take dangerous hormones and steroids. Weight Training for Beginners is so simple, and it starts with this course.

I have created this course so that you will immediately build lean muscle mass in your entire body without causing injury. The full muscle buildnig program allows you to bulk up with lean muscle without increasing your body fat. Each exercise I teach is taught so that you will increase muscle and lower your body fat, meaning you will look better. After a short time of following the program, you will feel better. More energy to focus on work, on your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, and you will look more attractive.

This program is all about creating excellent posture so you walk with balance and proportion. Your body will be healthy and strong.

Do you want to know how I am going to do this?

I have combined expert training videos, and I make it super easy for beginners. All you have to do is watch a couple of videos, and you are ready to get started in the gym.

By the time you are done with this course, you will know exactly what to do in the gym

You will be

  1. More Flexible
  2. Have a Healthy Body Composition (Higher Lean Muscle, and Lower Body Fat)
  3. Have Proportional Muscle in Your Legs, Arms, Chest, Stomach, and Back, so Your Body Will Be Balanced
  4. More Conditioned, meaning Your Heart Rate will be Healthier

You will also be ready to play sports and perform activities.

This is the PERFECT workout for anyone who is currently in the gym, or would like to work out in the gym in the future. If you want to know how to weight train, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.

You may be confused by all the different information there is out there about fitness. The majority of information about weight training is misleading. Most armature fitness enthusiasts do not know how to exercise properly the way professional personal trainers teach, which I teach you in this course. By the end of the course, you will be more muscular, and hold the keys to injury prevention and physical health.

The correct way to train is by combining muscle, stretching, balance, and strength

I will give you the formula for a fit and healthy body, in just 30 days.

When I typically walk in the gym, I am torn. On one hand it is great that I see other people trying to stay healthy. On the other hand, I see guys, girls, and adults who don’t know this simple formula for weight training. If they only knew, they would build muscle and strength easily, and look healthier and stronger.

I want to help you out by teaching the knowledge you need to know to work out safely, and get the most benefits out of going to the gym.

If you want to go to the gym and you want to know how to exercise efficiently , this course is for you

Here is what’s inside the program:

Part 1: Essential Concepts

  • The Best Exercise Combinations for Muscle Growth
  • The Best Formula for Increasing Flexibility
  • The Essential Components of Excellent Posture
  • Growing Muscle Mass Without Increasing Body Fat
  • The Proper Components of Your Exercise Program

Part 2: The Work Out

  • Your Weekly Plan
  • Preparing Your Body for Optimal Movements
  • Loosening Up Your Joints with Elite Mobility Training
  • Stability and Strengthening Core Training
  • Strength Training for Lifting More Weight And Getting Stronger
  • Proportional Balance Training For Elite Stability
  • Recovery and Rejuvenation with Static Stretching

Part 3: Full Exercise Program

  • Gain Lean Muscle and Reduce Body Fat Week 1: Movement
  • Gain Lean Muscle and Reduce Body Fat Week 2: Movement and Muscle
  • Gain Lean Muscle and Reduce Body Fat Week 3: Muscle and Strength
  • Gain Lean Muscle and Reduce Body Fat Week 4: Movement and Strength

This course is perfect for guys, girls, men, women, or anyone who wants to up their fitness knowledge. If you go the gym, you need this course!

Learn the essential exercises to enhance your posture, increase your balance, feel more stable, and reduce injury.

Scroll Up And Enroll Today to Begin Your Physically Life Changing Journey

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