Financing and Financial System

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Financing and Financial System, Money, Credit, and Banking.

The course is part of an MBA program conducted by CBM International University.

The course presents a foray into the world of money, credit, and banking, developing various theoretical and scientific aspects related to them and showing how the concept of financing has developed reaching the complex financial system today. The research approach in this course points out the importance of the banking system, which has shown an important development since ancient times. The incursion continues with the presentation of banks and monetary financial institutions, financial intermediation, the banking company, and its management, commercial banks, and other monetary financial institutions, respectively financing and lending to the economy. Civilizations and cultures of history have often promoted an “eye for an eye” system. But with the emergence and expansion of the Roman Empire, an attempt was made to mitigate the effects of this desideratum by paying a sum of money for a mistake made and not by paying with life or freedom. The term payment comes from the Latin “pacare” which means to pacify, quiet, or make peace so that both sides are satisfied (both sides of the coin are important). Historically and evolutionarily, banking emerged and developed long before monetary activity. It is true that in those times, the Phoenician era – Mesopotamia and the epochs that followed until the appearance of coins, banking had other types of exchange standards, such as cattle, skulls, goose feathers, pearls, precious metals, grains, shells, knives, hoes, pieces of metal (especially silver, but also gold and non-precious metals).

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