An introduction to derivatives (swap, future, option…)

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An introduction to derivatives (swap, future, option…), Thanks to this training, you will discover the different types of derivatives and their characteristics.

After a series of trainings dedicated to the fundamentals of the financial markets, I decided to release a new course, this time on derivative products. I think that derivatives (futures, swaps, options…) are fascinating instruments, which are getting more and more important in the world of market finance, but which are still too little known by the public.

This course aims to remedy this, to give you a clear and solid basis on the way the different derivative products work.

The course is divided into 3 parts, each one aiming at presenting a different type of derivative product. You can also find an “exercise” session at the end of each part, in which you will be able to put into practice, with me, the different notions that you have learned:

  • Futures and forwards
  • Swaps (interest rate swap, FX swap, volatility swap etc…)
  • Options (call, put, option strategies etc…)

In addition to these three parts, I decided to include an additional part, which consists of an introduction to the world of Structured Products, naturally linked to derivatives.

As with my other courses, it is impossible for me to cover all the topics exhaustively, since this course is mainly aimed at beginners.

In English:

  • An introduction to Asset Classes (Equity, Bonds, FX…)
  • An introduction to behavioral finance & cognitive biases

In French:

  • Les fondamentaux de la bourse et du trading
  • La bourse & les produits dérivés (swap, forward, option…)
  • La finance comportementale et les biais cognitifs
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