Beginner UI UX YouTube Design Course From Scratch In Figma

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Beginner UI UX YouTube Design Course From Scratch In Figma, Learn Complete Beginner UI UX YouTube Design Course From Scratch In Figma.

Course Title: Beginner UI/UX YouTube Design Course From Scratch In Figma

Course Description:

Welcome to the Beginner UI/UX YouTube Design Course From Scratch In Figma, a comprehensive journey designed to introduce beginners to the exciting world of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. This course is crafted for individuals who want to learn the fundamentals of designing a YouTube interface from scratch using Figma, a powerful and user-friendly design tool. Whether you’re an aspiring designer or someone curious about the UI/UX design process, this course is your gateway to creating visually appealing and user-friendly YouTube designs.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Introduction to UI/UX Design:
    • Explore the basics of UI/UX design, understanding the principles and importance of creating user-friendly digital interfaces.
  2. Getting Started with Figma:
    • Familiarize yourself with the Figma design tool, learning the essential features and functionalities needed for UI/UX design projects.
  3. Understanding the YouTube Interface:
    • Analyze the components and layout of the YouTube interface, gaining insights into the user experience and visual hierarchy.
  4. Wireframing and Ideation:
    • Dive into the initial stages of design by creating wireframes and brainstorming ideas for the YouTube interface.
  5. Creating High-Fidelity Designs:
    • Learn to translate your wireframes into high-fidelity designs, incorporating color schemes, typography, and imagery to enhance visual appeal.
  6. Interactive Prototyping:
    • Explore interactive prototyping in Figma, allowing you to simulate user interactions and visualize the flow of the YouTube interface.
  7. Designing Custom Icons and Assets:
    • Develop skills in creating custom icons and visual assets to personalize and enhance the visual identity of your YouTube design.
  8. Responsive Design Principles:
    • Understand the principles of responsive design, ensuring your YouTube interface is visually appealing across various devices and screen sizes.
  9. User Testing and Feedback:
    • Explore the importance of user testing and feedback, and learn how to iterate on your design based on user interactions and preferences.
  10. Exporting and Sharing Designs:
    • Master the process of exporting your designs from Figma and sharing them with others for collaboration or feedback.

Who Is This Course For:

  • Beginners with little or no prior experience in UI/UX design.
  • Individuals interested in learning Figma for UI/UX design.
  • Aspiring designers looking to create a YouTube interface from scratch.


  • Access to a computer with an internet connection.
  • Eagerness to learn and explore the fundamentals of UI/UX design.
  • No prior design experience required.

Why Enroll:

  • Hands-On Design Project: Engage in a practical design project, creating a YouTube interface from scratch.
  • Real-World Application: Acquire skills that can be directly applied to designing user interfaces for various digital platforms.
  • Community Support: Join a community of learners, share experiences, and seek assistance from instructors and peers throughout your learning journey.

Embark on this exciting learning adventure in UI/UX design and create your own YouTube interface from scratch using Figma. Enroll now and bring your design ideas to life!

Beginner UI UX YouTube Design Course From Scratch In Figma
Beginner UI UX YouTube Design Course From Scratch In Figma
Free $49.99
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