Facilitating Small Group Conversations to Promote Belonging

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Facilitating Small Group Conversations to Promote Belonging, Step by Step Instructions on The Aristotle’s Cafe Approach – Proven to Improve Empathy, Listening, and Communication.

Have you ever tried to facilitate a discussion that went poorly? Are you aware of the big divides we have in society between friends and family?

Learn the art of facilitation and find ways to overcome these big challenges!

I will show you step-by-step the format that I’ve created to facilitate discussions all over the world with over 10,000 people and in over 56 countries. You will get templates, techniques, and all you need to hold a great 1 hour discussion on any topic no matter how difficult it might be.

You will learn skills and knowledge that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Sometimes we forget how good it feels to be listened to. Bringing people together and creating a space for someone to be heard is a powerful thing.

This course will focus on the Aristotle’s Cafe Discussion format to guide you through mastering Facilitation.


1. How to facilitate difficult conversations

2. Discover the difference between facilitators and instructors

3. Develop an introduction that sets the stage

4. Help facilitate understanding between diverse groups of people

5. Successfully lead a great 1-hour small group discussion with ease and minimum preparation

6. Learn The Epiphany Question Method – Ask better questions

7. Create a welcoming and safe environment for participants

8. Find out how to promote your event and get the right people to come

9. Facilitate in a way that allows all participants to be involved and share their opinion

10. Think critically, listen, communicate, and improve cultural and self-awareness

11. Learning to Facilitate will completely change the way you approach business and personal situations.

And much more!


I will introduce you to everything a facilitator needs to know to find success in leading and organizing small group discussions at the office or at a local venue.

First I will show you the basics of hosting a small group discussion from creating the environment to picking a place to hold the session. Next, I will dive into mastering your facilitation skills including crafting the perfect introduction, leading the discussion, the epiphany question method, and how to end on a high note. Finally I will even show you how to promote your events using social media and other tips, tricks and tools I’ve learned over 16 years to create a great community.

I have recorded and will take you through EVERY step in this course, so you will be able to follow my framework step-by-step.

Get started before you feel ready! There will never be a perfect time to start something.

There is no better time than now! You have a lot to learn! See you in class 🙂


  • People who want to start having better conversations and learn skills for life
  • Beginners who want to have a framework for facilitating group discussion
  • Intermediate and Advanced professionals looking to add another tool to their toolbelt
  • Individuals looking to improve their communication, listening, or facilitation skills


  • What is facilitation?
  • How can I facilitate a small group?
  • What’s the difference between a facilitator and an instructor?
  • How can I ask powerful questions?
  • As a facilitator, how can I use body language and non-verbal communication?
  • How can I run small group discussions effectively?


“Brilliant course. My business facilitates peer group discussion for C-suite executives. This will help me tremendously with my job as facilitator of these meetings.”

Anton Stegmann

“Specifically, this course teaches you how to organise and facilitate regular small group discussions. However, more broadly, the course gives you the tools to improve your communication skills and use them FOR GOOD.”

–Vivian Li

“I love this course! I’ve been creating my own events for 2 years, but I still learn a lot from Hassan. I love the step-by-step information this course provides. I will get to make so much use of it.”

–Layla Hai

“Very good and easy to understand content with good clarity on the overview and objectives. To be a good facilitator is definitely a challenge. This course provided essential insights as well as information on blind spots in facilitation along with tips on how to deal with them.”

Ram N.

“These instructional videos are concise, interesting and informative. I am 100% pleased with the information presented and will recommend it to my associates.”

–Stacy McPherson

“Aristotle’s Cafe provides a great place to have interesting conversations with people you might otherwise never even meet. A positive space to learn about the world, people’s opinions and self-leadership. Hassan connects the group through excellent facilitation, which allows for great networking and continued conversation afterwards.”

–Daniel J. McIsaac

“The instructor is teaching me about things I never knew before e.x. bodylanguage, how groups communicate, etc. I’m starting to see how I can improve my communication and seeing how other’s communicate in a new way.”

–Joe Graziano

“Great place to free your mind. I get to ask the questions that I have never asked myself before. Moreover, I get to know about me and other people better. It’s so nice to know that you are not alone.”

–Beau S. Tanapura


Hassan Ghiassi has spent the last 16 years advising businesses and executives in America, Europe, and Asia.

He holds his Master’s in Communication, is a TEDx speaker, and his workshop participants can be found in 159 countries. He led the Better Conversations Project at The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum which focused on building understanding and empathy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

He is also the inventor of The Epiphany Question Method, a process that allows individuals to embrace change and facilitates healthy group dynamics through tactical inquiry.

As the Founder of The Dialogic Approach and Curriculum Designer & Head Facilitator Aristotle’s Cafe he regularly creates customized online learning experiences for teams across a variety of industries.

In 2019 he was invited to be part of the Udemy for Business program which serves enterprise clients worldwide and joined the ranks of the top 3% of the 75,000 instructors on the platform.

Hassan’s clients and partners include WeWork, Cisco, British Council, and The World Health Organization (WHO) to name a few.

Hassan continues to train others in leading small group discussions, and does consulting for organizations looking to build healthy dialogues within their communities.

His goal is to help others improve their communication skills – taking the mystery out of creating engaging conversations, captivating speakers, and masterful leaders.

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