Facebook Ads: Facebook Advertising Marketing Beginners Guide

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Facebook Ads: Facebook Advertising Marketing Beginners Guide, Learn to set up a professional Facebook page and Create Facebook ads & Instagram ads for more reach, awareness and sale!

Facebook Ads: Facebook Advertising Marketing Beginners Guide. Learn to set up a professional facebook page and use facebook ads for your online shop, local store or your brand!

In this video course, I’ll show you the extensive world & possibilities that social media has to offer for you, your personal brand and your business. It’s all about paid ads with Facebook and Instagram strategies.

We’ll discuss the Facebook social media platform step by step! To start, I’ll show you the pros and cons that Facebook, and especially Facebook Pages & Ads, brings. After that, there will be a small tour on the Meta Business Suite and the Business Manager. After that, we’ll take care of the Facebook page and the and the creation of ad graphics (images/ videos) and ad copy.

Because if you think Facebook ads are just a few clicks, you probably won’t see a positive return on investment. Since the course is very extensive and suitable for every beginner, I can not tell you all the points that are covered. It’s best to take a look at the preview!

Of course, I will also show you my concrete, marketing strategy for the platform, which you can also use in addition to the basic ads. Last but not least, there are a few final tips & tricks.


Successfully running Facebook ads from A-Z

All the basics for creating Facebook Ads

Creating a Facebook page for Facebook Ads

Introduction to the Business Manager & Meta Business Suite

Placing automated Facebook Ads

Facebook lead generation in detail

Facebook Traffic Ads in detail

Target group analysis & inventory analysis easy and cost saving to perform

Facebook split testing A/B basics & optimization

The most important KPI’s you need to know

…and much more.

Do you know you should promote your business on social media, but have no idea where to start? Does the wide range of platforms tend to scare you away? Then this is the course for you!

Most people have already dealt with Facebook but have not yet discovered it as a marketing method for you.  Therefore, in this video course, I also specifically address Instagram as a social media & advertising platform, as it has an enormous, untapped potential.

We start at 0 in the video course. At the beginning you learn the most important basics and facts, followed by all the necessary information about Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as everything about marketing & keyword research. After that, there is a detailed overview of the most important criteria for successful ads. Last but not least, we’ll show you the comprehensive possibilities, platforms, tools, and also further tips that will help you get even more out of your Facebook Ads & Instagram ads!

Enroll in the course today. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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