MS-Excel For Civil Engineers for Project Planning From Zero

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MS-Excel For Civil Engineers for Project Planning From Zero, Microsoft Excel for Civil – Construction Quantity Estimation -Structural Engineers & Project Schedule for Construction.

A Basic to Advanced Course which will make you a Great Construction Professional in Your Career

MS – Excel is the Most Powerful  Software which Students and young Engineers are aware of.

whatever you want to do in the construction industry from Estimation – Planning – Bar Bending Schedule  – Structural Design the only tool which will save you is MS- Excel

In this Complete Course, I will Cover the Basics & Advanced tools and their Application in the Construction Industry to make you Fall in Love with these tools.

We will be Covering all the Basic Commands and Advanced Commands and then move towards Live projects of creating Excel sheet for Estimation, Planning & Structural Designing

Topic we will be Covering inside the Course

Excel Introduction •

An overview of the screen, navigation and basic spreadsheet concepts • Various selection techniques • Shortcut Keys Customizing Excel • Customizing the Ribbon • Using and Customizing AutoCorrect • Changing Excel’s Default Options Using Basic Functions • Using Functions – Sum, Average, Max,Min, Count, Counta • Absolute, Mixed and Relative Referencing

Formatting and Proofing

• Currency Format • Format Painter • Formatting Dates • Custom and Special Formats • Formatting Cells with Number formats, Font formats, Alignment, Borders, etc • Basic conditional formatting

Mathematical Functions

• SumIf, SumIfs CountIf, CountIfs AverageIf, AverageIfs, Nested IF, IFERROR Statement, AND, OR, NOT

Protecting Excel •

File Level Protection • Workbook, Worksheet Protection Text Functions • Upper, Lower, Proper • Left, Mid, Right • Trim, Len, Exact • Concatenate • Find, Substitute

Many More thing will be Covered

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