Excel Tables (Beginners’ Guide) Mini Free Course

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Excel Tables (Beginners’ Guide) Mini Free Course, All you need to know about Excel Tables.

If you are not using Tables in Excel, you are missing out on a huge efficiency gain . They include amazing features that will change how you analyze and summarize your data .

This is a very short course that will introduce you to Excel Tables in less than 35 minutes .

You will learn all about excel tables and how you can style , format , sort , filter  and summarize your Data.

You will learn how to easily understand and write formulas with tables and automatically fill them down the sheet

In addition we will visualize the Data in Excel tables through inserting charts and slicers, that will provide valuable insights to your Data .

You will learn why Excel pivot tables are prefer over Data range when used with Pivot tables.

Tables will save you a lot of time and increase your productivity .They are one of the most useful easy to use tools of excel.

The course is broken down into short lectures so you can watch them around your schedule and can easily refer back to them if you need .

I hope you are excited as I am to start learning about Excel Tables and implement them in your daily work

Let’s get started!

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