EVENT MASTERY – How to produce your own Successful Events

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EVENT MASTERY – How to produce your own Successful Events, How to Use Events to Build Your business.

Today, niche events are gaining popularity. The human desire to meet people face–to-face has never been stronger with more people connected digitally. In fact, magazine publishers,advertisers and vendors are eager to attend live niche events.

Hosting a live event can be difficult.

Ricky Shetty and Scott Paton share their knowledge and expertise on hosting world class events around the world.

You will discover:

  • Why Events are Important?
  • What Skills do you need to produce an Event?
  • Types of Online and Offline Events
  • Creating your Event Production Team
  • Branding your Event
  • Selecting your Venue
  • Marketing your Event
  • Monetizing your Event
  • Event Follow-up
  • Virtual Summits
  • Examples of Ricky’s Events
  • Examples of Scott’s Events
  • And much more…

Live events are more popular and attendees are higher, but only for events that offer something to them. A live event that is memorable for people is affordable for organizers, which in turn, benefits everyone.

Landau says that the key to a successful event is identifying opportunities. Although there may be a niche market for a company’s magazine or website audience, this does not necessarily translate into an event opportunity. The event should have sufficient attendees, vendors, sponsors, and other participants to allow them to contribute.

The rest will fall into place once you have the chance.

Ricky has hosted the biggest social media conferences in Vancouver, BC, Canada while Scott has sold over a half million dollars at a three day event. Both have spoken at major conferences around the world.

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