100% Essays: A Comprehensive Guide for University Students

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100% Essays: A Comprehensive Guide for University Students, Learn to write excellent university-level essays that will set you apart from your peers.

Students may believe that with the recent release of AI chatbots and large language models, the skill of writing has become obsolete.

That is not the case!

Writing is arguably more important than ever now as mediocre writers are drowned out by auto-generated content.

Today, any writing done by a human has to stand out for any chance of survival and dissemination.


This course will teach students how to write a university-level essay from start to finish. The first module starts with an overview of the basic grammar and rules that will be required to write well.

The second module applies this knowledge in the writing of introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs, including the ever-critical thesis statement.

In fact, we go over not just how to write the thesis statement, but how to come up with the thesis itself, which is the core idea of an essay.

The last module teaches the overall process of writing, which consists of setting a logical structure and sequence of arguments, establishing an overall rhetoric, and incorporating external sources through citations.


This course is succinct so that it delivers all the most important knowledge that a student would need in as little time as possible. After all, students don’t have the time to sit through hours of instructional video content!

Nevertheless, the course also comes with lesson-specific supplemental documents that contain exercises and notes so that students can practice the concepts taught in the lectures right away.

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