WhatsApp API – Marketing and Automation Mastery Course

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WhatsApp API – Marketing and Automation Mastery Course, WhatsApp Business API based CRM, Automation, Team Inbox, Marketting and much more.

This course will take you through an entire journey of being successful with WhatsApp automation!

It would help you understand Meta, Meta’s WhatsApp API ecosystem, the possibilities and limitations.

We will help you step by step learn how to use DoubleTick CRM efficiently to run your Business on WhatsApp and create and deploy a comprehensive bot solution to automate your business processes and bring your entire team under one WhatsApp inbox.

Go beyond the limitations of conventional WhatsApp and start the DoubleTick Journey Now!

DoubleTick is a mobile-friendly WhatsApp marketing and sales tool designed to empower your sales team to sell more in less time with top-notch features such as a cloud-based team inbox, unlimited broadcast and bulk messaging, real-time broadcast analytics, dynamic cataloging, chatbot, commerce Bot, and many more.

DoubleTick & QuickSell is the SAAS-based product of Apport Software Solutions Private Limited.

Learn about :

1. Broadcast
2. Customer Segmentation
3. Drip Campaigns
4. Templates and its approvals
5. Meta Conversation Windows
6. Conversation Costs
7. Facebook Verification
8. Application of Greentick
9. Overcome meta restrictions
10. Full automation using bots

If you are a Marketer, or if you are an entrepreneur or a process and excellence expert in a Large enterprise, learn this skill to automate your business process using WhatsApp, integrate with your CRM, and deliver superior customer experience.

WhatsApp API – Marketing and Automation Mastery Course
WhatsApp API – Marketing and Automation Mastery Course
Free $0.00
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