Dummies guide to starting your own business.

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Dummies guide to starting your own business., Starting a new business.


I am Vathani Ariyam, author of this online course “Dummies guide to starting your own business.” I have put some effort into this course, intending to help someone who wants to become an entrepreneur.

Here, you will learn about starting a business without investment, choosing your niche, finding your customers, and marketing methods.

You have to think about these four things strictly.

· What do you like?

· What you are good at it

· What does the world need from you?

· What is that will you get paid for in your work?

When you are confident with your answers to the above questions, you can start looking for your niche then decide on the location you will do your business. Once you have decided on that, make a marketing method to promote your product or service. Remember, there will be no business if you do not promote your product well to your target customers.

Say, for example, you have a bookkeeping business, then your target customer will be small owners, which means you have made the proper selection of your target customers. If you want to become successful, you have to be careful about your target customers.

You might have financial issues. There is no reason to worry about it, as you can find a perfect solution to find finances when you read through this course. Besides, you can find investors to join you in your business. Even you can get free money by joining a fundraising companies which are out there.. So you should never have an excuse in finding money to fund your project.

Also, when running your business, you will come across many hurdles. Use your courage and determination to overcome those. Do you know resolution gives you success? As soon as they see some negative effect on your business, some of us become terrified and try to leave the company quickly. To become a successful entrepreneur, you do not have to be an intelligent person; the success of anyone comes with a good plan and diligent work in the long term.

We all struggle with many things like unemployment, unhappiness with underpaid jobs, and money problem. I am sure you can use your entrepreneurial skills to use most of your problems. Currently, most of us find problems with our jobs because of the pandemic, so the only solution to keep you financially stable is to have an additional income. When you set yourself to make money from home using so many ways, you will become confident and stay on that forever. So, don’t you realize that business can solve many problems for you?

When you live your life, that way makes you more of a happier person and gives you and your loved ones a better life. I hope the things that I said in this course will help you develop a business and achieve a better life for yourself.

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