Entrepreneurship: Defining Your Values & Business Vision

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Entrepreneurship: Defining Your Values & Business Vision, Get your business on the path to success by discovering your personal values and building them into your business vision.

Being an Entrepreneur takes hard work. A lot of hard work. Many businesses fail at launch because they do not have a clear direction or their owner does not have the energy or belief in the business to make it a success. This can lead to serious financial and emotional consequences. If you are planning to launch a business, its a good idea to make sure your business idea is right for you and you are setting up for success.

This course helps you avoid pitfalls by taking you through our step-by-step process to discover your personal values, test your business against them and come up with a compelling, useful and implementable business vision. We’ll work through why your values are integral to your success, how you can use those values to give you energy and increase your chances of success with a viable business that is right for you.  The course shares insights on how values can be used to design a business and guide an entrepreneur through decision making processes to keep them on track and true to themselves.

Clearly communicating what your business is about and what it sets out to achieve is critical.  This course helps you create a compelling business vision that allows you, your customers, employees and investors to understand what your business is trying to achieve.

Building a vision statement for your new business is not easy, and so for a limited time we are offering personalised reviews of your vision statements for anyone who purchases the course.

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