Buying Profitable Business & Turn It Into Passive Income

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Buying Profitable Business & Turn It Into Passive Income, Learn how to buy profitable business on Flippa marketplace and turn it into sustainable passive income.

Welcome to Buying Profitable Business on Flippa Marketplace and Turn It to Passive Income course. This is basically an extensive case study based course where you will learn how to buy an existing business that has been running and generating consistent revenue which can be turned into sustainable passive income. This strategy is the most suitable for people who have some cash to spend and they are willing to take calculated risk since they don’t want to start a business from zero that might take them months or even years to build. Therefore, this course will teach you all things you need to understand about acquiring business from an online marketplace called Flippa. You will learn effective budgeting strategies, extensive market research to identify hidden opportunities, conducting price analysis, learn how to negotiate to get the best deal possible, and most importantly, you will also go over several case study where we are going to identify the prospect of few example online businesses listed on Flippa marketplace based on the reported revenue, projected return on investment as well as other supporting data. Last but not least, you will also learn how to conduct extensive and proper due diligence analysis to identify misleading claims or evidence from the sellers and prevent or at very least minimize the risk of buying fraud business.

First of all, before getting into the course, it is extremely crucial for us to know and truly understand the reason why we should buy a business that has already been running and generating consistent revenue instead of starting from scratch. Despite the fact that people might have their own personal preference, some might be in favor of building their business from zero which enables them to have more control or authority over the system which they are about to design, nonetheless, there are also some people who have some cash to spend and they don’t mind taking that risk to buy an existing business with an intention either to grow and scale up the business to higher level or do business flipping where they will resell that business with slightly higher price, so, they get to keep the profit by doing this business arbitrage. Regardless, of whatever reason it might be, buying an existing business can actually be a pretty good strategy to save times and skip some steps required to build a solid foundation since if you buy a business, at least it already has customer base and provent concept that it actually works which means that you don’t have to start from zero, all you need to do is to prepare strategies to implement and execute to grow and scale up the business.

Below are things that you will learn in this course:

  • Learn how to use Flippa marketplace
  • Learn effective budgeting strategies
  • Learn how to conduct market research to evaluate if the business is worth to buy
  • Learn how to do due diligence to assess the validity of evidence provided by the seller
  • Learn how to conduct price analysis
  • Learn how to do negotiation to potentially get the best deal possible
  • Extensive pre acquisition assessment with 3 case study where we evaluate if these following businesses are worth the investment based on profit, revenue, ROI (Return on Investment), traffic/page views, bounce rate, target market, and niche competition:
  1. E-Commerce business – monetised through selling digital products
  2. Content websites – monetised through ads
  3. Android App – monetised through monthly subscription
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