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English with Emojis, A vocabulary course for beginner English students.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to take the first step when learning English. This course is very simple, and will help you make this first step on your English learning journey.

You will use a variety of emojis to help you understand the meaning of basic English words, and practise memorising these words in exercises.

First, you will look at emojis and repeat the pronunciation of words with me. Then, you will repeat the words with me, but this time you will read the words at the same time. Finally, you will practise memorising the words.

You will also have the chance to listen to me speak very briefly on each topic, so that you can practise your listening, and also be exposed to more vocabulary, as well as the grammar of the language.

In the final exercise on the course, you will practise your speaking on each topic for 30 seconds. I encourage you to record yourself doing this exercise, and sending it to me as an assignment.

By the end of the course you will:

  • have learned and practised more than 250 words
  • improve your pronunciation on the vocabulary in the course
  • feel more confident when speaking about specific topics in English
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