25+ HVAC Case Studies

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25+ HVAC Case Studies, Avoiding serious HVAC system design mistakes – air distribution.

Hi, Welcome to Our Couse 25+ HVAC Case Studies.

The HVAC Engineering and Design Process has many variables that cover multiple dimensions, and it takes Knowledge and Experience in order to be able to create and design an HVAC system that works and meets the Design requirements.

So, This Course Design by Experienced HVAC Engineers.

Here We Demonstrate 25+ HVAC system Design mistakes in Air Distribution.

Those are,

Max and Min VAV air quantities not shown on drawings.

Linear diffusers create drifts and comfort problems.

Flexible duct installation problems

Un-balanced duct branches.

Interconnecting duct loop arrangements.

Ceiling Return problems.

Diffusers dumping air at low flow.

Light troffers causing drafts and comfort problems.

Pressure dependent VAV system problems.

VAV terminal box operates with reduced capacity.

VAV terminal box operates with reduced capacity.

Flex duct installation problems.

Flex duct installation problems.

Diffusers create drafts and comfort problems.

Diffusers create drafts and comfort problems.

Excessive duct leakage causes problems.

Insufficient air flow from a VA V terminal box.

Terminal boxes do not open.

Terminal boxes do not close.

Steam Humidifiers soak ducts.

Duct Humidifiers cause water to collect in ducts.

Smudging occurs around ceiling diffusers.

Terminal boxes and diffusers generate noise.

High humidity occurs in courthouse occupancy.

Improperly sized diffusers.

Insufficient smoke control in VAV systems.

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