Embody your Inner “Diyosa” (Divine Feminine Energy)

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Embody your Inner “Diyosa” (Divine Feminine Energy), A 4-week Energy Healing and Personal Empowerment Course.

Embody your Inner “Diyosa” (Divine Feminine Energy) is a 4-week course that teaches practical energy healing, meditation and embodiment techniques that cultivate unconditional self-worth and soul-nourishment for the restless, workaholic women.

The course is designed to be in 4 phases/weeks, with a specific theme in each session. Audio meditations, video lectures and journalling prompts will be given in each phase. It is self-paced so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed! Plus, every exercises is gentle, and made to get you to deep rest and soul-nourishment.

This course is for..

– Workaholic women who feel overworked and mostly energy depleted.

– Women with poor boundaries and tend to people-please.

– Women with ‘big’ emotions that they cannot express healthily and feel stuck.

– Women who are struggling to maintain a meditation or self-care practice.

– Women who sense they can benefit from deeper self-worth and self-esteem.

Through this course..

– You will learn how to CULTIVATE UNCONDITIONAL SELF-WORTH from where your goddess energy can shine from, is a skill that can be honed through gentle yet consistent practice.

– You will learn how to bring yourself back to your CENTER during or after mental/emotional overload, energetic drain, and triggers.

– You will learn how to get to more inner peace when the negative self-talk arrives.

– You can develop healthy, doable habits that will prevent you from getting into a state of ‘energy depletion’.

– You can make simple lifestyle changes that enable you to have time and energy for the simple, inexpensive things that matter—like time for yourself, your pet, or your kids. Or a walk in the park. Or a quiet afternoon with a book.

– You can learn how to set healthy boundaries, so you don’t leak your energy away.

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