The Complete Adult – Emotional Regulation

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The Complete Adult – Emotional Regulation, This is the first in a series of short online courses by renowned clinical psychologist Susan Dalby.

How you ever noticed how some people seem to rise above a situation, seemly unaffected, but others will be bogged down in the stress or the issue? This difference is simply that some people have learnt an essential set of skills for surviving and thriving in today’s world.

Those lacking these essential skills of adulthood are left struggling, often overwhelmed and driven by their emotional reactions. This program of courses is aimed at giving people the social and psychological tools they need to manage life in an increasingly complex and chaotic world. Each course, which can be completed in isolation, is aimed at giving the learner a skill from the psychologists toolbox that will, with some practice, manage one aspect of their psyche and their responses to a situation.

Based on the real world skills psychologists use, this course aims to empower the learner with the skills to manage their life. To understand and manage strong feelings and emotional responses.

Just 60 minutes long, this course gives you the essential tool to understand and manage strong emotions, no matter the circumstance or your background. Enroll now and never elevate yourself above the stress and issues of life and live your best life!

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