Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics

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Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics, Understand the basics of Electricity and Electronics.

This Electricity and Electronics course is ideally suited for learners seeking to understand what electronics is all about and to develop the basic skills and knowledge to apply to troubleshoot electronic systems.

This course will provide an overview of the fundamental technical knowledge of electricity and electronics and provides a basis for further study. Concepts of electric current flow, circuit calculations, alternating current versus direct current theories, transformers and semi-conductor design and use are emphasized throughout this course.

Learning outcomes include:

Understanding the concept of Electricity and identifying the various effects of electric current flow.

Performing simple circuit calculations involving ohm’s law in series and parallel resistive circuits.

Understanding the operation of resistors, capacitors and inductors in electrical and electronic circuits.

Differentiating between alternating current and direct current in a circuit.

Understanding the principle of operation of transformers.

Understanding semiconductors and semiconducting components such as diodes and transistors

Understanding Conductors and Insulators

Understanding the basics of Capacitors

At the end of this course , you will be able to get a proper grasp into the world of electricity and electronics and it will be a stepping stone into your career path into future endeavors such as electrical and electronic engineering. So lets begin today!!

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