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Electric Vehicle Technology Complete Course | Electric Cars, Electrical Cars | Electric Vehicles | Electric Bikes | Electric Van | Electric Bus |

Electrical Vehicles Technology is talk of the town nowadays. This Course with the title “Electric Vehicle Technology Complete Course” will answer all the questions. The course structure is started from the scratch i.e. historical background of electrical and internal combustion engine technology until today’s scenario.

  • Thomas Davenport is usually credited with building the first practical one-person “electric vehicle” in 1834, followed by a two-person version in 1847. The first EV to emerge, which resembled what might be called today a “car,” appeared in 1851 and traveled at a pace of approximately 20 mph (32 km/h).
  • Decades later, the first mass-manufactured electric cars hit the marketplace with the development of the Edison Cell.
  • The Edison Cell had greater storage capacity than the batteries used in early EVs and prototypes.
  • By the 1900s, EVs had captured a notable share of the leisure car market. Among the 4200 automobiles sold in the United States in 1900, 38% were electric and only 22% were gasoline, while another 40% were still steam driven (Electric Vehicles, 2008).
  • In 1872, the American inventor, George Brayton, manufactured “Brayton’s Ready Motor”; he used constant pressure combustion and liquid fuel to produce what is often tagged as the irst “internal combustion engine” (ICE).

This Course has following outlines:-

  1. Introduction to instructors and the Course outlines.
  2. Historical Backgrounds of Electrical Vehicles.
  3. Historical Evolution of Electric Vehicles.
  4. Operational Aspects of Electric Vehicles.
  5. Batteries in Electric Vehicles.
  6. Charging System in Electric Vehicles.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. Testing & Certifications Policies.
  9. Electromagnetic Testing

We hope this course on Electric Vehicle Technology Complete Course will be helpful for all. This is the right time to join this course.

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