Differentiation in Education, for Artists

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Differentiation in Education, for Artists, education, differentiation, arts education, teaching.

There are so many buzzwords in education. Service learning, learning styles, differentiation, modification, personalized learning, concept based learning, etc, etc, etc. Every time a new idea or research topic becomes popular, educators are often pressures to start implementing the strategies right away. Not only do they receive limited training, but they are also evaluated on these new ideas.

In this course new, or veteran, educators will learn the ins and out of differentiation from the perspective of an international arts educator. This course serves to demystify one of the hottest education topics.

Students will learn what differentiation is and is not, how concept based learning is primed for differentiated instruction, how to use inquiry to differentiate instruction, and several other strategies for differentiation.

Most importantly, they will learn these things from the perspective of a working teacher. A teacher who knows the day to day challenges. A teacher that is ready to distill these large scale topics into digestible bits that can be put to use immediately.

Students will leave this course with a set of actionable skills and knowledge ready for the classroom on Monday morning. Included with this course are also a set of graphic organizers that accompany each section. The organizers will help you inventory your new skills and knowledge. Likewise, the organizers will help you apply the knowledge to your current situation.

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