Heal Your Food and Body Relationship

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Heal Your Food and Body Relationship, 3 Part Mini-Course.

This mini-course is directed by Recovery Coach, Kirsten Hunneyball and is aimed at helping you begin navigating the healing journey with food and your body. Exploring topics such as understanding the roots, triggers, food & body narrative, decision making, taking action, and planning for balance.

Each lecture has a recorded video covering the topics in more detail as well as lecture slides and a personal workbook where you can reflect on the lecture and do the actionable homework task.

Part 1: Understanding the Roots of your Food/Body Relationship. Actionable 1: Finding out about your narrative.

Part 2: Cultivating Awareness; Thoughts, Behaviours, Triggers. Actionable 2: Trigger journal exercise.

Part 3:  A Life of Contemplation and Action: Decision-Making, Planning, Perfectionism vs. Grace, Balance, Reflection. Actionable 3. Reactions exercise.

This course is not aimed to cure or heal any mental or physical illness but rather to help you start recognising, understanding, and dealing with the thoughts, beliefs, fears, triggers etc. that go hand in hand with negative food and body relationships.

Kirsten is passionate about helping people find true self-acceptance as this has been her own life challenge through lived experience with an eating disorder and trauma.

She hopes that this course will inspire you to start taking action toward your goals by navigating the internal self as a means of true healing. All she asks from you is an open mind and a willing heart!

All the best on your healing journey!

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