Marketing Foundations Ecommerce customer research

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Marketing Foundations Ecommerce customer research, Pillars of Ecommerce Ecommerce customer.

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Knowing your ideal customer is massively important as it will form the basis of your marketing plan. Researching your target customer is the first step towards a successful e-commerce marketing campaign. That being said, the market can always shift. You want to take the time to consistently keep on top of customer trends. This will help you to choose a great product to sell as well as to know where to promote that product online effectively. You want to know what the demographics of your target customers are. These include things such as age, gender, marital status, occupation, and race. This will help you to create customer avatars so that you have a clear understanding of who it is that you are speaking to with your marketing message. You may even want to give your customer avatars names so that you never lose touch of who it is you are trying to reach. You also want to keep track of behavioral characteristics such as your customers’ online shopping habits, actions that they take on your website, and posts that they seem to react to on social media. You can track all of this using analytics tools such as Google Analytics, as well as paying close attention to the analytics provided to you by your chosen social media platform. If you only offer your product in certain regions, you need to make sure that you target those regions specifically with your marketing. Have a plan and a strategy as to how you geo-target your ideal customers. Psychographics includes things such as customer attitudes, interests, beliefs, and political or religious views. These can all potentially help to shape the way in which you approach your marketing message. It’s important to understand the needs, wants, and desires of your target customers. You will use this information to inform product development ideas as well as to help with creating your marketing materials. Your e-commerce marketing strategy needs to revolve around your customers. The better you know your customer, the easier it will be to sell to them. You should make it your job to learn as much as possible and continue to learn and discover new things about them.

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