Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace

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Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace, How To Implement Diversity And Inclusion Initiatives & Create An Inclusive Company Culture.

Diversity and inclusion policies improve a company’s financial health by creating a more diverse pool of employees and applicants. In this course, you’ll find out how and why recruiting employees from marginalised backgrounds can improve business prospects. Why do we mention profit first? Because the social benefits of having a diverse, culturally competent organisation go without saying. However, this course will show you just how valuable diversity, inclusion, and equity are in the modern workforce.

This course will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to understand and implement diversity and inclusion initiatives within your organisation. It creates a professional space where you can reflect on culture and leadership in order to uplift and empower marginalised voices.

From creating a sourcing plan to removing systemic barriers to diverse hiring, it’s important to set a strong professional example as a proactive leader. Employees from marginalised backgrounds bring new perspectives and influences to your teams to promote creativity and innovation.

While such a complicated topic may seem daunting, you’ll learn about each of these topics incrementally to form a strong foundation of knowledge going forward. You don’t need to arrive here with any prior knowledge or unique experiences.

In the beginning, we will discuss the challenges that you’ll face while embracing diversity and inclusion. You’ll learn how creating avenues and accessibility for opportunities for BIPOC, women, and other marginalised groups increases your competitiveness within the market by sourcing talent that reflects the world around you.

The second part of this course will address growth opportunities and how you can use your position as a leader to be an effective agent of change. You’ll learn practical tools to promote diversity and inclusion while capitalising on your natural strengths as a leader and discover new methods of bringing your organisation into a fairer, more equitable future.

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