FREE: YOLOv7 Custom Object Detection Course

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FREE: YOLOv7 Custom Object Detection Course, YOLOv7 architecture, Data Annotation, Training on Custom Dataset, Object Detection, Study Case (Project).

Welcome to the YOLOv7 Custom Object Detection Course (FREE)

So what will you learn:

1. How to run, from scratch, a YOLOv7 program to detect 80 types of objects in < 10 minutes. This introductory exercise will take less than 10 minutes, giving you a quick and satisfying win to start the course.

2. How convolutional neural networks work (convolution process, pooling layer, flattening, etc)

3. YOLOv7 architecture in detail

4. How to find the dataset

5. How to perform data annotation using LabelImg. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to label your data accurately, which is a crucial part of training an effective object detection model.

6. How to automatically split a dataset. Automate the process of splitting your dataset into training, validation, and test sets

7. A detailed step-by-step YOLOv7 installation. We will cover everything from setting up the environment to verifying your installation

8. Train YOLOv7 on your own custom dataset. You will learn how to configure the model, set up training parameters, and monitor the training process

9. Visualize your training result using Tensorboard. This tool will help you understand how your model is learning over time and identify any potential issues

10. Test the trained YOLOv7 model on image, video, and webcam

11. Real World Project: Robust mask detector using YOLOv7

12. Please bear in mind that Udemy Free Course can have 2 HOURS lectures only therefore only object detection can be taught. What Next? 

Learn Pose Estimation and Image Segmentation of YOLOv7 and other YOLO versions powerful features in our “YOLOv7-YOLOv8-YOLOv9 : 3 in 1 course”.

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