Theory & Practice for Day Trading Futures & CFDs profitably

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Theory & Practice for Day Trading Futures & CFDs profitably, Learn the basics of day trading to execute Future, CFD or FX trades with my proven trade management plan incl. 1:1 Q&A.

My aim is to support you on your way to become a successful day trader by giving you the basics, structure and knowledge to successfully execute trades. I will teach you both, theory and practice of day trading. My online course is made for people having either having no experience with trading at all but also for people how want to strengthen and deepen their understanding of trading.

My course contains

  • high quality audio and video sessions,
  • an Excel based trade management plan that does 90% of the trade preparation & math for you!
  • fact sheets, detailed explanations,
  • a lot of trading examples,
  • live trading session based on my trade management process

The course starts small teaching you the basics of day trading, so that you know you the required fundamentals (chart software, products, markets and orders).

Once we established the base for you, I will present you my proven trade management process in many deep dive sessions, so that you know how you successfully execute, finish and stop a trade. I will provide with an excel file that automatically calculates a good entry point, stop limits, the perfect amount of money you should use for the trade and the quantities of future, CFDs or Forex you should buy or sell for your trade. The excel file is part of my proven trade management process. Imagine this as list you should check before you enter a trade. Further, I will deeply explain you two money making strategies: The Break-Out-Open-Range-Strategy and the Trend-Strategy.

The course will be completed by a chapter explaining trading psychology and how to avoid common mistakes. As a bonus, there will be a one-to-one live Q&A session (30 Minutes) in which you can ask all your questions you have left.

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