Basics of Zero-Knowledge Proofs

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Basics of Zero-Knowledge Proofs, For Privacy-Preserving Online Communications.

Welcome to the “Basics of Zero-Knowledge Proofs” course.

Zero-knowledge proofs or ZKPs are being used to build some of the most cutting-edge technologies in Web3 – from blockchain scaling to privacy-preserving transactions to privacy-preserving smart contracts, etc.

But, the role of Zero-Knowledge Proofs does not end in Web3 – ZKPs are also fundamental in Decentralized Identity Solutions, Decentralized Data Science..and many other fields.

Now, learning Zero-Knowledge Proofs can be intimidating given that ZKPs use complex mathematical and cryptography.

This course aims to introduce this technology to tech and business leaders in simple language.

This is not a cryptography or coding course but is designed to build a fundamental understanding of this very important technology.

The course starts with building a basic understanding of cryptographic proofs.

Then we discuss the basics of Zero-Knowledge Proofs. After that, the classification of Zero-Knowledge Proofs and a detailed discussion on some specific protocols such as zk-SNARKs, zk-STARKs, and Schnorr Protocol.

Then we will mention some implementation tools that can be used to implement ZKPs.

Then, we will discuss the implementation of ZKPs in Web3, Decentralized Identity Solutions, Private Computing, Blockchain Scaling, etc.

I will also provide some reading material links in case you are interested in the mathematical side of ZKPs.

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