Ultimate Crypto & Web3 Course, from DeFi to NFT all-in-one

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Ultimate Crypto & Web3 Course, from DeFi to NFT all-in-one, Explore Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Ethereum, Metaverse, Smart Contract, Layer 2, zk Rollup, zkSync, Starknet.

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Our up-to-date 2023 curriculum covers essential topics such as Cryptocurrency, Web3, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Zero-Knowledge Rollup (ZK Rollup), Smart Contracts, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, and Crypto Trading strategies.

This course offers:

  • Nearly 5 hours of informative and engaging video content with animation
  • 200+ pages of detailed PowerPoint slides
  • Solidity source code for a simple banking smart contract

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Course Content Table

  1. Basics of Money
    1. Why do we need money?
    2. Functions of Money
    3. Characteristics of Money
    4. Evolution of Money
      1. Commodity Money (Non-Metal)
      2. Commodity Money (Metal)
      3. Banknote (Representative Money)
      4. Banknote (Fiat Money)
      5. Digital Payment (Fiat Money)
    5. Hyperinflation
  2. Bitcoin as a Money
    1. Can Bitcoin fulfill 3 functions of money?
      1. Medium of Exchange
      2. Unit of Account
      3. Store of Value
    2. Does Bitcoin possess all characteristics of money?
      1. Divisible
      2. Portable
      3. Durable
      4. Fungible
      5. Limited in Supply
      6. Anti-Counterfeit
    3. Why do we need Bitcoin?
      1. Hedge against inflation due to money printing
      2. Be your own bank
      3. Anti-Censorship
    4. Origin of Bitcoin
      1. Who created Bitcoin?
  3. How Bitcoin works under the hood? (What is Blockchain)
    1. Transaction forms the basis of Bitcoin
      1. Privacy
      2. Access Control
    2. Asymmetric Cryptography
    3. Broadcast Transactions
    4. Transaction Verification
    5. Double-spending Problem
      1. How centralized financial system solve it?
      2. How to choose a judge?
    6. Hash Function
    7. Create a block
    8. Consensus Mechanism / Mining
    9. What is 51% attack?
    10. Bitcoin Explorer
  4. Overview of Cryptocurrency and Web3
    1. What is Cryptocurrency?
    2. Digital Currency vs Digital Payment
    3. Why there are so many cryptocurrencies?
    4. What is Web3?
    5. Why we need Web3?
    6. Web2 Tech Giants monopolistic power
    7. It is still early days for Web3
  5. What is Ethereum?
    1. Bitcoin can do payments only
    2. Ethereum is a Smart Contract Platform
    3. Ethereum Transaction
    4. Account Model
    5. Gas
    6. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
    7. EIP and ERC
  6. What is Smart Contract?
    1. Basics of Computer Science
    2. Bytecode
    3. Detail explanation on a Solidity-based banking smart contract
    4. How to check smart contract source code in Etherscan
  7. How to use Crypto?
    1. How to login in Web3?
    2. What is wallet?
      1. Hot Wallet vs Cold Wallet
    3. Step-by-Step guide to use MetaMask
      1. Get test ETH from faucet
      2. Send ETH from Account 1 to Account 2
      3. How to check Etherscan
      4. Connect hardware wallet
  8. How to buy and sell Crypto?
    1. Centralized Exchange (CEX)
      1. Order book in CEX
    2. Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
    3. Publicly-traded Crypto Fund
    4. Crypto ATM
    5. Pros and cons of different methods
  9. What is DeFi?
    1. Stablecoin
    2. Automated Market Maker (AMM)
    3. Liquidity Mining / Yield Farming
    4. Impermanent Loss
    5. Price Impact and Slippage
    6. MEV – Front-running and back-running
    7. Lending Pool
    8. DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
    9. Step-by-Step guide on how to use DEX
  10. What is NFT and Metaverse?
    1. NFT Categories
      1. Digital Collectibles
      2. Digital Arts
      3. Metaverse Land and Items
      4. On-chain naming (ENS)
      5. Membership
    2. How to mint NFT?
      1. use GojuoNFT as an example
    3. What is OpenSea?
    4. Myths about NFT
      1. Are NFT images stored on blockchain?
      2. Can anyone issue NFT?
      3. Clone a famous NFT project and re-issue?
    5. Metaverse
  11. Blockchain Scalability Problem
    1. Ethereum is becoming more and more congested
      1. Transaction fee is rising
      2. Ethereum is way slower than the incumbents
    2. Layer 1 / Ethereum Killer
    3. EVM ecosystem
    4. Ethereum Upgrades (ETH 2.0)
    5. Proof of Stake
    6. Layer 2 (L2)
      1. Optimistic Rollup
      2. Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Rollup (zkSync, Starknet)
  12. Web3 Industry Guest Speaker Sharing (by Metaverse Agency – Small Circle Ltd)

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Ultimate Crypto & Web3 Course, from DeFi to NFT all-in-one
Ultimate Crypto & Web3 Course, from DeFi to NFT all-in-one
Free $19.99
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