Why and how to use a CRM for a small company/startup

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Why and how to use a CRM for a small company/startup, All the tips to chose and use efficiently a CRM for your small company, startup or as a sales person.

  1. Flaws of most CRM: most big CRM on the market create too much work and prevent from selling. You have to identify these flaws the chose the right one.
  2. Why do you need a CRM: do you still hesitate ? the fact that most big CRM are a pain do not mean that you not have one. See the reasons why you need one.
  3. What is a good CRM: the qualities that you need in your CRM if you are a small company or a startup
  4. How to chose your CRM: the list of most common CRM with advantages and disadvantages, what are the best for youbusiness
  5. The best CRM for a small business: the qualities and features your need
  6. How to improve customer experience with a CRM: the key is the follow up that a CRM allows you to do
  7. How to prospect with a CRM: feeding your system with new prospect, when and how to call them
  8. How to increase you sales with a CRM: the key tool to improve your sales and best pratices
  9. How to use a CRM for small companies like ActionClient. Steps to use an easy and free CRM for small companies and startups like ActionClient.
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