Customer Relationship Management – Introductory Course

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Customer Relationship Management – Introductory Course, This course is about the practical attributes of customer relationship management.

The course is aimed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of various concepts relating to customer relationship management. Through this course, learners are expected to gain an insight into the history of CRM and its involvement as well as development and executive of an idle CRM strategy for building a strong customer basis and retaining them with the help of customer satisfaction.

The learning objective of this course is to help the learners understand how customer relationship management works in different organizations. The learners will get to know various CRM strategies that are deployed by the organizations and how they select the strategy suited to them. The course comes with two case studies to give a better insight of how CRM strategies are selected and executed in the practical scenario.

This course is an intermediate level course that will introduce you to the elementary and some practical concepts of customer relationship management. You will learn the following through this course:

  • You will gain an insight into the definition of CRM and the experts will break down this definition into easy components for you to understand the definition in totality without much difficulty. After you have understood what it is all about you will be able to analyze its applicability in the real industry as well.
  • The experts will narrate the history associated with CRM and what all developments took place after it first came into usage. You will get to know how CRM evolved over the years.
  • An understanding will be developed about how the customer relationship matrix works and what are its uses.
  • You will go through the specific concepts related to specific types of CRM namely strategic CRM, operations CRM, and management CRM.

By the end of the course, you will learn about the benefits offered by the CRM process.

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