Honda Activa(Scooter) 12 Days Restoration Challenge!

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Honda Activa(Scooter) 12 Days Restoration Challenge!, Custom Paint Your Scooter in Exact 12 Days! – Auto Spray Paint Learning | Auto Body and Painting Course.

Most of the vehicle owners keep their vehicle damaged and ugly looking by not taking it to a service center or to an auto-body shop for body repair just because they are afraid of the high repair cost charged by the service centers and auto-body shops even for a minor repair done or they have vehicle insecurity and they don’t want to leave their vehicle with the service center or with an auto-body shop to prevent misuse.

My Name is Ryson, I am an Auto Body And Paint Expert, Author and Instructor, I Teach this amazing skill to anybody who wants to learn auto body and paint, with which you can customize, fix or restore any type of project you desire, with professional auto body instructions and material/ subscribe to stay in touch and come back often.

And Yes! You too can learn this highly envied skill-set that’ll set you apart from the pack! Gain Skills – Do-it-Yourself – Save Thousands – Make Extra Money – and Impress!

It is a 12 days restoration challenge course on how to paint your scooter in exactly 12 days. The process is the same for everything, you just have to know the right process and paint like a professional.

What You Will Gain When You Enroll in the Course:

The modules that you see below are just a TASTE of what you get access to inside the course… Imagine learning all of the skills that you need to virtually complete any auto body and paint project you desire.

My members have literally opened up their own auto body & paint shops after completing the Course.

Isn’t it time that you learn a completely new skill-set, or take your current DIY skills to a whole new level while having the full support of a like minded community to back you up? Wait no longer, Enroll your Self Now.


1. Will learn exactly how to restore your scooter in exact 2 weeks.

2. Will learn what to do on each day to finish the project on time.

3. Will learn how to dismantle your entire scooter in 2 days.

4. Will learn how to paint a silencer the right way.

5. Will learn how to remove stickers and decals

6. Will learn what type of primer to use when.

7. Will learn how to paint plastics the right way.

8. Will learn how to test paints.

9. Will learn how to apply Matt clear coat.

10. Will learn how to apply and level body filler.

11. Will learn how to modify rear view mirrors.

12. Will learn how to deal with cracks or frying of primer or paint if it occurs during paint job.

13. Will know which sandpaper to use when.

14. Will learn how to apply Pearl Silver Base-Coat, Clear-Coat, Single-Stage Paint, Primers etc

15. Will learn how to do color sanding and buffing.

Results are Typical, it depends on how much efforts you put in and the actions you take.

The Mind Blowing Auto Body Multimedia Course EVER…

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