70+ Copywriting & Content Writing Templates for your Success

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70+ Copywriting & Content Writing Templates for your Success, 70+ PRO Copywriting Templates. Copy & Adjust. Easy to Use. HQ Voice Over. Animated Videos. Quizzes Making Learning Fun.

Our Best of Copywriting Course with 70+ Hands-On Templates, Interactive Quizzes & Enjoyable Writing Assignments making Learning Fun. This how to Copywriting Guide  Contains Every Essential Type of Example you’ll need to Get Started as an Professional Copywriter.

Hi there and welcome to our most exciting online marketing content yet! Having good content and knowing how to be persuasive is key to to your success – but as a business owner, you’re often short on time.

On top of that, when you don’t have a lot of experience with copywriting, it can be challenging to create persuasive content – but with our help, you’ll write persuasive, SEO optimised copy EVERY TIME, with our handy template guides.

Join Over 800,000+ Satisfied Students by Enrolling and Enjoy the Easiest Way to Go From Beginner to Pro:

1. HQ Animations with Interactive Quizzes – We’ve made learning fun and organic – with animated explainers and interactive quizzes so you learn quickly and retain what you learn.

2. Practical Writing Assignments – Learn how to copy & adjust our professional ready made templates in interactive writing assignments making learning fun.

3. Careers & Freelancing Kickstart Guide – Discover how to start using your new skillset to make money. Land your first job in digital marketing or begin a thriving freelance business.

Why You Need Our Copywriting Course:

When you enrol, you’ll get Instant access to powerhouse Copywriting techniques that have been proven to deliver.

  • Learn the Psychology of Persuasion – Understand the 3 essential stages of the customer journey to purchase – and how to angle ALL your content to move prospects smoothly to the sale. This is the Golden Key to selling more and selling faster – and when you enrol, We’ll share it with you.
  • Learn Copywriting – Persuasive Copywriting Techniques to hook potential customers fast, build trust and get to that sale! Pro content creation templates for every occasion from Twitter posts to Email newsletters, sales letters, and blogs.
  • Learn Content Marketing – Learn how to get your content in front of the right people – and how to rev up its engagement rate – so you get more Leads, Sales, Comments, & Shares.
  • Learn Content Creation – Content creation templates and guides for every type of e-commerce, marketing, and social media. Create high-performance email newsletters, Twitter & Facebook posts, Facebook Ads, Messenger Ads, LinkedIn Ads & more…
  • Learn Outreach – Easy-to-follow PR Template, plus templates for reaching out to influencers on social media.

From Beginner to Pro:

We have created this course specifically to take novices with no knowledge of Copywriting & Content Creation – and turn them into Content Marketing Masters.

It Will Help You:

  • Become an expert content creator with the power to persuade. Learn how to create high converting content that gets you more leads, subscribes, and sales with templates and walkthrough guides created by a copywriting pro.
  • Land your dream job in marketing with our practical marketing careers guide. I show you how to land that first gig, break down your industry options, and give you guidance if you want to go it alone as a freelancer. You get access to big resource centre.

Every piece of content you’ll EVER need to get more leads or sell your products effectively online

In this highly practical guide, you’ll get 70+ templates all tailored to help you to sell online and get more customers. Write perfect landing page copy, craft high performing YouTube descriptions, and create traffic-generating Twitter and Facebook ads that sell.

Whether you want to create high conversion landing pages, reach out to influencers to get more publicity, or send email marketing that converts – our easy-to-follow templates will help simplify your task.

We’ve put 100% into creating this resource for you so you can save time, money, and hours spent pulling out your hair trying to create content!

HQ General Copywriting Templates:

  1. Facebook Ad Template 1
  2. Facebook Ad Template 2
  3. Landing Page Template
  4. Mini Story Email
  5. Email Teaser
  6. Email Welcome Template
  7. Sales Letter Template
  8. The Detailed Listicle (Blogging)
  9. The Product Comparison (Blogging)
  10. The How-to Comprehensive Guide (Blogging)
  11. Guest Blog Outreach Template
  12. LinkedIn Ad Template
  13. Outreach Template for LinkedIn
  14. Twitter Ad Template
  15. Twitter Post Template
  16. YouTube Video Description Template
  17. Instagram Post Template
  18. Instagram Ad Template
  19. Press Release Template
  20. Influencer Outreach Template
  21. Backlink Outreach Template 1
  22. Backlink Outreach Template 2
  23. Template to ask for Social Shares from Influencers

HQ Copywriting Templates for E-commerce:

  1. Subscriber welcome email template
  2. Time limited subscriber only email offer
  3. Sales letter template for e-commerce products
  4. Landing Page template for e-commerce
  5. Product description template for e-commerce
  6. Sample Instagram E-commerce Engagement Post
  7. Sample Instagram Product Showcase Post
  8. Sample Instagram E-commerce Ad
  9. Ultimate Facebook Ad template for e-commerce
  10. Super Short Facebook Ad to Boost e-commerce traffic
  11. Facebook promotional ecommerce post
  12. Sample LinkedIn Ad Template
  13. Incentive to purchase website pop up reminder template
  14. Email reminder to purchase template
  15. The E-commerce Product Comparison
  16. Guest blog outreach template
  17. Influencer outreach template
  18. Twitter Ad to push traffic to your online store
  19. Twitter Post to boost engagement & sign ups
  20. YouTube Channel Description Template
  21. YouTube Video DescriptionTemplate
  22. Press Release template for your product launch
  23. E-commerce Home-Page (in-depth detailed template with E-commerce guide)
  24. E-commerce Product Page (in-depth detailed template with E-commerce guide)
  25. About Page (in-depth detailed template with E-commerce guide)
  26. FAQ Support Page (in-depth detailed template with E-commerce guide)
  27. Product Guide Landing Page (in-depth detailed template with E-commerce guide)

HQ Copywriting Templates for Local Business:

  1. Cold Email to Key Opinion Leader
  2. Cold Email Reach out to Potential Customers
  3. Cold Reach out to Potential Customers on Social Media
  4. Cold Email reach out to Influencer
  5. Cold Reach out to Influencer on Social Media
  6. Google my Business Description
  7. Short Google my Business Post
  8. Google my Business Post
  9. Google my Business / TripAdvisor / Yelp / Booking Example of replying to Positive Review
  10. Google my Business / TripAdvisor / Yelp / Booking Example of replying to Neutral 3-star Review
  11. Responding to a negative Review on Google my Business / TripAdvisor / Yelp / Booking
  12. Naming & General Description on TripAdvisor
  13. Naming & General Description on Trip Advisor for a Bistro / Cafe / Restaurant
  14. LinkedIn Business Page Description with Maximum 2.000 Characters
  15. LinkedIn Status Update
  16. Facebook / Instagram Post promoting a Restaurant Offer
  17. Short promotional Leaflet for a Local Grocery / Local Business
  18. Blog Post for wedding Event Venue / Public Venue
  19. Blog Post for a wedding Coordinator / Coordinator Service – The In-depth Listicle
  20. Blog Post for local Store – In-depth Guide
  21. Landing Page Template for E-commerce with Local SEO
  22. Landing Page Template for Local Real Estate Agent with SEO
  23. Short Newspaper Ad

Write perfect Landing page copy and create traffic-generating Twitter and Facebook ads that Sell & Attract Customers.

● PROFESSIONALLY CREATED Templates for Social Media – promote your local business using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn!!

● Landing page copy that CONVERTS – turn browsers into buyers or leads with our HIGH CONVERTING landing Page copy

● Email marketing templates that SELL – this is a great way to reach out to customers – and we show you how to do it well

● Outreach templates that PERSUADE – get influencers and opinion leaders to collaborate with you or endorse your services or products

● PRO promotional material for newspapers, flyers & leaflets – this copy does double duty and can also be repurposed for social media

● Blog posts that bring your local business MORE TRAFFIC, subscribers, and sales – we’ll show you the art of creating highly popular and shared blog content

● And so much more!

When you Enrol, You Also Get:

  • Course Materials and Tuition Worth At Least $2.700 – you get it all – for a tiny fraction of the cost
  • Plus SEO Guide for Beginners
  • 70+ Content Marketing Templates you can easily customise (General Templates, E-commerce Templates, Templates for Local Businesses)
  • Handy PDF & MP3 packed with useful and Free Extra Resources you can download from our Resource Centre
  • Interactive Quizzes & Writing Assignments
  • Lifetime access & Lifetime updates
  • Udemy certificate of completion – ready for download
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section – ask me a question anytime

We wish you every success and can’t wait to welcome you on board.


Ing. Tomas Moravek, Internet Efficiency Awarded Expert

Beck Robertson, NCTJ qualified journalist and copywriter with over 10 years’ experience & Team

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