TOTAL: CompTIA Network+ (N10-008)

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TOTAL: CompTIA Network+ (N10-008), Everything you need to pass the CompTIA Network+ Exam (N10-008) from Mike Meyers and Joe Ramm!

Welcome to the TOTAL: CompTIA Network+ Certification (N10-008) course from Mike Meyers, Joe Ramm, and Total Seminars.

Mike is a CompTIA expert and best-selling author with over 25 years of experience teaching and creating certification prep materials. He is the author of the #1 selling CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide. Mike has sold over 1 million CompTIA certification prep books. Joe is an enthusiastic instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching and a master’s degree in Instructional Design.

This course is over 21 hours in length and covers everything you need to know to pass your CompTIA Network+ Certification (N10-008) Exam. The first goal of the course is to make you a good Network Tech and, in the process, make sure you are ready to pass the CompTIA exam.

You’ll love Mike and Joe’s fun and engaging style as they walk you through all the Network+ topics. This is not a boring voice-over-PowerPoint lecture. Mike and Joe use props and illustrations to make learning fun!


“I used these courses to pass the A+, Security+, and Network+ in a span of 2.5 months. I had no IT experience 4 months ago. Now I am a network engineer at a managed service provider with a great salary and solid upward mobility.” – Ryan D.

The course covers all the exam topics including:

  • Network architectures
  • Cabling and topology
  • Ethernet basics
  • Network Installation
  • TCP/IP applications and network protocols
  • Routing
  • Network naming
  • Advanced networking devices
  • IPv6
  • Remote connectivity
  • Wireless networking
  • Virtualization and cloud computing
  • Network operations
  • Managing risk

The Network+ N10-008 exam covers these objectives:


1.0 Networking Fundamentals 24%
2.0 Network Implementation 19%
3.0 Network Operations 16%
4.0 Network Security 19%
5.0 Network Troubleshooting 22%


Exam name: CompTIA Network+ N10-008

Number of Questions: Maximum of 90

Types of questions: Multiple choice and performance-based

Length of test: 90 minutes

Recommended experience:

• CompTIA A+ Certified, or equivalent
• Minimum of 9 months of experience in network support or academic training

Passing score 720 (on a scale of 100—900)

This is a Total Network+ Course and covers everything a good tech needs to know and prepares you to pass the CompTIA Network+ Certification exam.

TOTAL: CompTIA Network+ (N10-008)
TOTAL: CompTIA Network+ (N10-008)
Discount $9.99
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