Create a Culture of Ownership with Accountability

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Create a Culture of Ownership with Accountability, Build A Thriving and Loyal Team That Exceeds Goals.

Would you love to learn three new leadership skills that affect nearly all your results?

Transforming Leaders To Create Motivated And Loyal Teams, So They Can Maximize Performance, Instead Of Killing Morale.

The problem is that most organizations still use the Carrot and Stick method, which does not work. The real way is to assemble effective teams with peer to peer balanced accountability system that wins hearts and creates of tribe of loyal teams.

From the best-selling book, Balanced Accountability: Creating a Culture of Ownership to Maximize Performance, delivers clarity on the case for accountability and the steps organizations and individuals need to take to unleash their potential.

No matter what your organization looks like, Balanced Accountability offers a proven framework for getting these results. In this book, you will learn the 3Ps of accountability.

  • Personal Accountability – Most Important Person
  • Positive Accountability – Where the Magic Happens
  • Performance Accountability – Creating the Dream Team

Once you read Balanced Accountability, you will feel empowered to implement the strategies you have learned in this book, and your organization and employees will LOVE you for it.

“Here is a roadmap helping to create high-performance organizations. Having clear accountability is a crucial element to bring out the best in people and help drive your company to exceptional business success.”

—Dr. Robert L Lorber, Co-author Putting, The One Minute Manager To Work with Ken Blanchard

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