Principles of Effective Communication

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Principles of Effective Communication, Learn and understand the essential pillars of communication.

Effective Communication is a topic that is fundamental to success in a business, career and every work of life.

This course explores these principles, highlighting the key aspects to take a note of.

This course also highlight areas that you might require development, focus on or concentrate on to deliver the most effective communication.

Some of the topics that we explore include:

– Clarity of message

– Understanding Your Audience

– Curating the message appropriately

– Vision: Building a path for listeners in communication

– Checking understanding, test reception, ask and get feedback

– Communication in the age of Social media, multiple sources and many other topics

It aims to primarily help You, the communicator, think about certain fundamental aspects to help improve the impact and or effectiveness of their communication.

It is a continuous process and I would suggest that You phase some of the features, especially those where you might need development on, over time.

Some of these principles will have significant and possibly multi-layered impact as they are developed.

There could be welcomed, unintended outcomes such as:

– increased confident

– improved expertise

– improved results among others.

As a business, in your career, fine tuning your communication will set you apart and provide the impact you require.

Thank you for reading this and hope you find the course useful in your business and or career.

Please, feel free to contact me with any questions or to connect on LinkedIn.

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