Certified Level 1 Colour Therapy

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Certified Level 1 Colour Therapy, Discover the magical world of Colour Therapy for healing and transformation.

Colour is energy and colour is vibration. As an energy tool, it helps you to balance and stabilise your body and your energy field. When used as therapy, colour can go to the roots of any problems or challenges you are facing and help you to release yourself from the bondage of past patterns. It helps you to analyse and identify the patterns that have been keeping you stuck, bringing them to your conscious mind for transformation and helping you to find new ways forward.

Colour is a powerful healing tool, yet it does more than just heal – it can also help you awaken to higher levels of consciousness. Colour expands your concepts of yourself and your purpose in life and reconnects you to who you truly are.

The fact that you were drawn to this course means that on some level you are

remembering and tapping into the healing and balancing power of colour that you used in previous incarnations and learning how to use it in a form that is perfect for the current times.

In Level 1 you will learn:

  • 7 transformational colours and their psychological and analytical meanings.
  • Higher consciousness learning and past life implications of these colours.
  • Soul realignment with chakras, light and the power of complementary colours.
  • Incredible spiritual principles derived from secret ancient teachings.
  • How to activate and harness the power of Colour Therapy for mental, emotional spiritual wellbeing.

You will receive:

  • Video tutorials, a 30-page ebook, meditations and homeplay sheets.

A certificate of achievement will be awarded upon successful completion of your Level 1 assessment.

Happy learning!

Hayden 🙂

Certified Level 1 Colour Therapy
Certified Level 1 Colour Therapy
Free $19.99
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