Kickstarting Client Conversations

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Kickstarting Client Conversations, The Exact Steps to Pick up the Phone and Speak to your Ideal Client.

The Exact Steps to Pick up the Phone and Speak to your Ideal Client

Being an effective communicator is a “must have” trait. Verbal Intelligence is the new super power!

It works like compound interest the more you learn the more you earn.

Now You Can:

• Once and for all overcome any fear or hesitation of making “cold or warm calls.”

• Open the doors to new business prospects that turn into new sales and profits for you.

• Open the minds of decision-makers, gatekeepers, and business owners to get more appointments.

• Transform your thinking so you actually enjoy conversations with new prospects and clients.

• Become a more skilled conversationalist, negotiator and salesperson.

Specifically the Kickstarting Client Conversations Online course provides 12 user friendly lectures covering the following subjects:

Lecture 1

Introduction – Building human capability for an ever changing business landscape through effective conversations.

  • Do you have the self- confidence to pick up the phone and start a conversation?
  • Do you know what to say?
  • Do you know how to ask for an appointment?

Lecture 2

What are your major challenges when starting a conversation with a business prospect? Let’s discuss them together!

Lecture 3

Let’s work together in smart ways to best address the challenges you have listed. It’s about getting more out of your leads today and tomorrow!

Lecture 4

Time Management – maximizing your calendar activity to reach your desired cash flow level. Your cash flow follows your calendar.

Lecture 5

  • Facing Rejection – the Yuck Factor.
  • How to build resilience as a business owner and a professional in your field.
  • Developing strategies and techniques to overcome disappointments!
  • Remember, No is the start of the conversation!

Lecture 6

  • Always be Giving before you Ask for anything in return!
  • Let’s list all the things you can give.
  • Become a differentiator in the market place by Giving before Taking!
  • Keep your competitors at bay with these innovative ideas.

Lecture 7

  • What are the top personality traits to be a great communicator.
  • Let’s do a deep dive and explore how to switch on your personality in conversation.
  • Likeability is a big part of winning new business.
  • It’s a building block in building solid relationships.

Lecture 8

  • Re-engaging with your database.
  • Why your database is just like a pasture of cows – it needs constant milking to really be worth anything of value!

Lecture 9

  • Are Gatekeepers your allies or your foes?
  • Do you really understand the dilemma of the gatekeeper?
  • Learn strategies and techniques for overcoming his or her objections to letting you through!

Lecture 10

  • The importance of implication questions.
  • What are the types of questions you need to ask to create Desire, Want and Need!

Lecture 11

  • Draft your Script – Then toss it!
  • The roadmap to a great conversation
  • Planning the conversation is the key to your success

Lecture 12

Let’s Bring it all Together – a summary of all 12 lectures.

This online program identifies the priority areas that need to be addressed to boost the bottom line of sole practitioners and medium to small sized business owners.

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