Player-Led Coaching

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Player-Led Coaching, A Practical Workbook for Player-Led Coaching.

The next generation of leadership and coaching is here. Player-led or inside-out coaching is all about letting your players or team members be the experts in their journey and shifting the roles at work or in sports.

In this course we talk about some fundamentals of player-led coaching and I provide you a workbook you can use to with your team members to get to know them on a deep, personal level and help and support them in their journey.

We know now that people do their best when they are in the driver seat of their life and have positive, value-based coaching, help and support along the way.

This course is intended to give you a practical application you can use with your team members to help coach and support them. I’ve taken all the knowledge I have so far from leadership, psychology, personal productivity, professional coaching and come up with a workbook for your team member in which you support them through the questions.

My hope is that this gives you a practical way to coach your team members or players in a positive, supportive manner that helps them do their best for themselves and the team and empowers them to be curious, continuous learners and positive contributors.

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